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The #1 Spend Management Platform in UAE

Instantly create unlimited corporate cards, close your books 10x faster, gain 100% control of your company's finances, and automate your Account Payables and Reimbursement processes.

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Up to 2% unlimited Cashback* on over 100+ Currency Spends using Pluto Card

Cards, reimbursements, invoice management, automation & control

5-in-1 software that replaces your bank cards, petty cash, employee reimbursement spreadsheets, and manual account payables. Businesses that use Pluto save over 2% on card purchases and close their books 10x faster.

Control layer & Automated Policy Enforcement

Pluto provides you with tools to control your entire payables suite through an advanced policy management engine. Control how budgets are used & how transactions are approved.

Corporate cards

Unlimited virtual & physical cards, zero fees, accepted worldwide.

Employee reimbursement

Manage reimbursements with built in spend controls & automated policy enforcement.

Bulk Invoice payments

Vendor management, Multi-layer approvals, tracking invoices, and issuing payments.


Connect directly to your accounting ERP and sync with your General Ledger & Tax Codes in one click.


Real-time tracking and insights. Get up to date reporting on how your company is spending.

Pluto definitely helps the business manage their operational spending in a most efficient manner and provide visibility of how the forecast would look like. Before Pluto, me as a CFO had to wait for a month end report to understand the spending and frequency of the same but now with Pluto have much better visibility on each department and their frequency of spending. We are now also able to decentralize and pass on the control to the marketing department with them having their own allocation of funds to spend on ads and subscriptions.


Companies in UAE love Pluto!

4.8 / 5.0 star rating

Pluto's software comes in with multiple benefits! Helping companies manage their finances, gives them a cost control mechanism, eliminates petty cash and reconciliation module for cash spend.

SA Consultants

We at Envida use Pluto for all of our on-ground staff. I love the deep amount of controls I have with Pluto. I can control how my team is spending, create policies for supporting documents, and more.


Corporate cards

Issue unlimited corporate cards
for your team in seconds

Get the freedom and flexibility to provide every employee with a Pluto card while managing their daily, weekly, or monthly card expenses in real-time.

Card & Budget control

Take control of your team’s spending

Issue purchase cards that only work at pre-approved vendors.

Create an approval workflow that aligns with your company's expense policy.

Set daily, weekly, or monthly card limits to avoid being overcharged.

Get notified when duplicate receipts have been uploaded.


Streamline reimbursements


Submit expenses and receipts anytime, anywhere through the Pluto app or WhatsApp Receipt Bot. No more manual filing of expense reports or lengthy reimbursement cycles.

Managers & Admins

Create and enforce a clear reimbursement & per diem policy through multi-layer approval flows and automated policy enforcement. Multi-level GL coding, delegated access to file receipts for executives and one-click receipt scanning make reimbursements a breeze.

Account payables

Automate your Account Payables process

Pluto automates invoice tracking, payment issuing, Purchase Order and GL reconciliation, improving cash flow, financial visibility, and vendor relationships.

Never do manual data entry again, say hello to OCR technology.

ACCOUNTING Integrations

Corporate Cards that Integrate with

Integrate your accounting software with Pluto and automate reconciliation with your GL codes & tax codes. Transactions happen using Pluto’s Corporate Cards, Reimbursements & Pluto’s Account Payables module - they then sync with your accounting GL code for easy imports.


Learn how spend management is impacting your industry

How Pluto helps your team save time and money

Save money

Save time

Get started with Pluto in 3 steps


Transfer money to your Pluto balance from your existing corporate bank account or business debit card.


Issue your employees or  vendors a Pluto card for any and all business expenses.


Set spend limits, collect receipts easily, and get real-time reporting on how much is being spent.

That’s it! No more shared corporate cards or countless OTPs.

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On-boarding assistance for your team

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