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The corporate card that helps your team excel

Pluto makes managing account payables easy by allowing companies to issue smart corporate cards & automate expense accounting while staying in complete control of their spending.

Pluto = Speed

Open and set up your Pluto account in hours, not days.

Issue your employees Pluto corporate cards that are ready to use in seconds.

Approve, reconcile & close your accounting books faster than ever.

Need a quick & hassle-free way of managing your expenses? Just Pluto it.

Pluto = Control

Set daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly spending limits on Pluto cards.

Create approval workflows and department budgets.

Manage subscriptions by issuing budgeted or single-use Pluto cards. 

Need a monthly budget for a CRM subscription? Just Pluto it.

Pluto = Transparent

Get real-time daily, weekly, or quarterly spend reports.

Receive notifications when transactions are being made.

Get complete audit logs on every expense.

Need to keep tabs on which vendors your employees are spending the most money on? Just Pluto it.

Pluto = Efficient

Replace petty cash with Pluto cards while controlling and tracking expenses.

Drag & drop an image of a receipt to automatically match it to its expense.

Get 2% cashback on all non-AED payments.

Need a card that’s accepted worldwide? Just Pluto it.

Because finance teams deserve better software

Work without Pluto
Work with Pluto


Can I issue cards for employees in other countries?

You can issue and use Pluto cards globally in over 200 countries.

Does Pluto have FX fees?

Pluto does not have any FX fees.

Will Pluto impact my credit rating?

Pluto does not do any credit checks. Your credit score will not be impacted.

Is Pluto a bank account?

No, Pluto is not a bank. Pluto is a finance management software that works with your existing bank account to help your company control business expenses.

What if I need additional help?

You can reach out to our customer support anytime here.