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Stop wasting time on bookkeeping

Are you spending countless hours managing payables for your vendors & finding card expense receipts? It's time to leave the admin work to us and focus on what you do best; selling.

Pluto for E-commerce

Learn how Pluto helps financial managers save hundreds of hours on bookkeeping.

E-commerce finances, streamlined

With Pluto, you'll get the flexibility and visibility to give your team what they need, minus the setbacks. Whether you need to reimburse employees for out-of-pocket expenses, provide them with budget-controlled cards, or be able to review company expenses, Pluto lets you manage all your business expenses on one platform.

Create vendor or employee specific cards

Create virtual Pluto cards for all employees to use daily, weekly,or monthly, or create a one-time purchase card, so you never have to think about it again. Pluto gives you the freedom to create  as many corporate cards as possible.

Spend control

Assign budgeted cards to employees to keep track of what is being spent. Or, set card limits that refresh on schedule to prevent recurring subscription charges.

Real-time spend visibility

Stay up to date on how much your business is spending to keep your daily, weekly, or monthly expenses in check. Pluto gives you real-time reporting on what is being spent and where.


Once an expense has been made, drag & drop the receipt onto the Pluto platform and get  reimbursed as soon as your payment is approved.

How it works


Use your Pluto card to pay for business expenses.


Take a picture or screenshot of your receipt.


Drag & drop your receipt onto Pluto and add any important information.

That’s it! No more shared corporate cards or countless OTPs.