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Stop wasting time managing ad expenses on Excel

Are you running a marketing team who is constantly sharing one card? Always exceeding budgets for ad-spends? It's time to leave the admin work to us and focus on what you do best; marketing.

Pluto for Agencies

Learn how Pluto helps agencies save hundreds of hours on managing ad spend.

Marketing finances, streamlined

Whether you've got a new idea for an ad campaign, a company re-brand, or creating content, you'll be able to move quickly without worrying about your marketing budget. Pluto gives you the visibility and flexibility to provide your team with what they need, minus the setbacks.

Create client, vendor or employee specific cards

Issue virtual Pluto cards for all employees, clients, ad accounts, and subscription platforms. Pluto gives you the freedom to create as many corporate cards as you need.

Spend Control

Assign budgeted cards to employees, ad channels, or ad campaigns to keep track of what is being spent. Or, set card limits that refresh on schedule to prevent unexpected recurring subscription charges.

Real-time spend visibility

Stay up to date on your ad expenses and avoid risking going over or under budget. Pluto gives you real-time reporting on what is being spent and where.

How it works


Create a Pluto card with a set limit for an ad spend, campaign, or online subscription.


Assign the Pluto card to the team member working on the project.


Use the Pluto card to pay for the ad expense, campaign, or online subscription without worrying about going over budget.

That’s it! No more shared corporate cards or countless OTPs.