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Pluto is the fastest way to reimburse your employees

Automate your reimbursement process by submitting expenses through Whatsapp, automating your approval workflow, and receiving reimbursements in seconds.

Pluto definitely helps the business manage their operational spending in a most efficient manner and provide visibility of how the forecast would look like. Before Pluto, me as a CFO had to wait for a month-end report to understand the spending and frequency of the same but now we have much better visibility on each department and their frequency of spending.
Jarna Gaglaani
CFO, UDrive
Companies in UAE love Pluto!
4.5 / 5.0 star rating

What Pluto Reimbursements can do for you

Get access to a reimbursement platform that saves your business hundreds of hours in managing expenses.

Approval workflow

Ensure expenses are reviewed and approved by the appropriate parties before reimbursement.

Receipt automation

Automate expense filing through OCR using Pluto's AI.

Unlimited cards

Issue unlimited corporate cards and eliminate the need for out-of-pocket expenses.

WhatsApp Bot

Get notified on Whatsapp when an expense is made and snap an image of your receipt to send to Pluto’s Whatsapp Receipt Bot.


Reimburse all your employees by exporting reimbursement reports and making instant mass payments using your bank.

Real-time analytics

Monitor your company's expenses in real-time, allowing you to make timely adjustments for better budget management.

Capture receipts in seconds

Pluto’s Whatsapp receipt bot makes it easy to capture an expense’s details by allowing you to snap a photo of your receipt. Our smart scanner automatically extracts all relevant information from your receipts and adds it to your transaction, updating your real-time expense report.

Multi-layer approvals

Create approval workflows tailored to your company's structure for a more efficient review process, ensuring expenses that require a manager's attention are flagged and reviewed accordingly.

Establish manager hierarchies

Streamline your approval process by setting up manager hierarchies, ensuring that expenses are reviewed and approved by the appropriate managers before being sent to the finance team for payout.

Get notified

Keep track of all reimbursement requests and approvals in one place and get notified in real-time as new requests or approvals are made.

Track activity

Maintain an activity log for all requests and communication

Reimburse all employees with just one click

Pluto allows you to easily export reimbursement reports, which can be used to make mass payments instantly using your bank.

Accounting Integrations

Multi-Level Coding: Add multiple levels of detail by importing GL codes from your accounting platform, mapping them to Pluto categories, and exporting them into your accounting platforms.

Advanced Tax Tracking: Sync tax rates from your accounting platform or set custom tax codes and descriptions for every expense policy

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Audit and Compliance

Keep your receipts and supporting documents safe and easily accessible using a 5-year audit log and end-to-end encryption that meets bank-grade security standards.

Accounting view-only access

Protect your financial records by granting external accountants "view-only" access, allowing them to review and analyze your financial data without the ability to make any changes.

Deep customer care

Helping your business grow with exceptional customer care and 24/7 support

Pluto is committed to providing excellent customer service, with a dedicated team to assist and support you with any of your needs.

Phone & Email support
On-boarding assistance for your team